A-PDF DjVu to PDF 2.9

A batch conversion tool to transform DjVu image files into PDF documents
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DjVu (déjà vu) image files were conceived as a compromise between quality and file size. This image file format allows you to produce high resolution images in files with a total size of less than one megabyte, thus allowing you to distribute them easily through the Web.

A-PDF DjVu to PDF converts these images into PDF files, either merging all the selected images into a single document or creating an individual PDF container for each DjVu file. The conversion process, useful as it may be, will throw away all the advantages inherent to the DjVu format – thus, the resulting PDF file will be, in average, 15 to 20 times as big as the original DjVu file. As compensation, the resulting PDF can be easily viewed and enjoyed by a larger number of users, and will show the extremely high quality of DjVu image files in all their glory.

The program itself is a full-featured PDF conversion tool. It comes with all the functionality required to customize your PDF files – security options, watermarks, page layout, page numbering, and those options that define the way the PDF will be viewed when opened. You can even add some basic metadata, such as author, title, keywords, etc. This utility offers you three modes to choose from – a batch mode, a “Hot Directory” mode, and a command line mode. Probably the most interesting one is the monitoring mode (or Hot Directory mode), that will allow you to virtually “forget” about the program. What it does is to lurk in the background and detect any new DjVu file saved into a selected folder (and its subfolders), convert it into a new PDF file and save it in the desired output location. Simple, and extremely effective.

Francisco Martínez
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